Dr Muhammad Usman Khalid Kazi

Dr Usman Khalid Kazi

Dr Muhammad Usman Khalid Kazi

Assistant Professor/Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Phone/WhatsApp: +92 311 057 3333

Landline: +92 423 550265

Email: info@australianpolyclinic.com

website: www.australianpolyclinic.com


Dr M Usman Khalid Kazi works as an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery KEMU/Mayo Hospital, Lahore. He graduated from King Edward Medical College. He has strong passion for surgery. He underwent general surgical training followed by specialist training in orthopaedics surgery. He joined  Mayo Hospital as a senior registrar previously.

His areas of interests include

  1. Specialise in hip and knee arthroplasty (joint replacement)
  2. Club foot correction by Ponseti technique
  3. Deformity correction
  4. All kind of limb and pelvic trauma
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