Common Causes of Lung disease in Lahore

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There are many lung diseases which can affect people living in any large city like Lahore. These diseases can be grouped in two large categories: infections and non-infective lung diseases.

Major causes of lung diseases

Among infections, viral infections top the chart including influenza A and B, RSV and other flu viruses. Bacterial pneumonia and fungal infections are not uncommon. There are a lot of tuberculosis cases in the community; no part of community is immune to it. if you want to read about what is pneumonia or lower respiratory kindly read that blog

Asthma is a very common disease, affecting 10% population, probably much higher prevalence of asthma in Lahore due to variety of reasons. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is very common due to high tobacco consumption in the community. For the same reasons, lung cancers among many other cancers are also quite prevalent. Here is short explanation of asthma if you want to read full blog you need to click here

Other allergic conditions like nose/sinus allergy (allergic rhinitis) are quite prevalent too. Hypersensitive pneumonitis is also seen. Various forms of interstitial lung diseases are also present.

Air Pollution: A Major Culprit of lung diseases among other reasons. Particulate and chemical pollution, both, play significant role in poor lung health. Here is full blog

Smoking and Tobacco Use: Tobacco is used in form of cigarettes and hukka/sheesha in Lahore. New forms of nicotine use including e-cigarettes and vaping devices are getting very popular with younger population. Smoking remains a major cause of lung disease.

Occupational Hazards:
Various occupations which involve high dust or chemical inhalation can lead to various diseases including silicosis, asbestosis, farmer lung among many other.

Poor Air Quality:
Air quality has deteriorated significantly due to increased motor vehicles and industrial pollutants. Not just toxic gases but particulate matter also contribute to poor lung health and make other lung diseases worse.

Lack of Awareness and Preventive Measures:
General education and awareness are also lacked in masses regarding respiratory hygiene.

Healthcare Facilities and Access:
Lack of primary health services leads to significant progression of disease before it gets caught. Specialist services are also hugely lacking.

Climate Change and Environmental Factors:
Rising temperatures due to climate change causes unusual weather events including flooding and other water born diseases. Poor airborne waste remains a significant issue.

A lot of air is inhaled on daily basis. Any particulate matter/noxious substances in the air increases the risk of developing lung diseases. Respiratory tract infections remains the most common types of infection among human.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
How can I protect myself from air pollution in Lahore?
Wearing a surgical mask and reducing hours of exposure to pollutants, especially when the air quality index is quite high. This is one of the common things which we can do to avoid developing lung disease. Using humidifier inside the house, especially areas where indoor pollution is quite high, can be helpful.

Is smoking a leading cause of lung issues in Lahore?
Smoking remains one of the most common reasons behind lung disease in Lahore, and many other cities of Pakistan. It is also true for any large metropolitan city. The smoke may be due to cigarette smoking or related to industrial or motor vehicle exhaust waste.

What are the common symptoms of respiratory infections?
The common symptoms of respiratory infections include cough, sputum or phlegm production, fever, breathlessness, wheezing, or chest tightness. It can make any underlying lung disease worse.

Are there any natural remedies for improving lung health?
Maintaining balance diet can be very helpful along with daily exercise. It is important to avoid exercising in areas of poor air quality index. It is better to perform indoor exercise rather than walking outdoor in such cases.

How can I contribute to reducing air pollution in Lahore?
Reduction in pollution should be aim of all residents in Lahore. We can help by reducing exhaust from motor vehicles, burning plastic waste, and a reducing solid and airborne pollutants from industry.

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