Six-minute walk test, 6 MWT

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Australian PFT Lab Lahore, Pakistan

Six-minute walk test (6 MWT) is a simple test in which patients are required to walk at their maximum walking speed for six minutes. The total distance covered in 6 minutes is measured. The response of the heart (pulse) and oxygen saturation is also measured continuously while a patient walk on the flat surface. This test can be performed at Australian Pulmonary Punction test (PFT) lab in DHA Lahore.

Walking is a normal physiological function of the body and requires coordination of the heart and lungs along with the muscles in the trunk and legs. Patients who have significant lung disease or heart disease could have impaired physiological function and it can lead to significant reduction in the amount of exercise a person can perform. Not only that it can lead to reduction in the oxygen saturation as they walk or significant increase in heart rate.

This test requires the person to attend the lab and is performed on the flat surface. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. Patients walk a certain distance repeatedly over 6 minutes and continuously monitored their oxygen level along with heart rate response.

The distance walk in 6 minutes can vary for different people of different age and height and is expressed percentage predicted for that particular age and height.

This test is usually performed in patients with interstitial lung disease and to check the response to the treatment and the patient with pulmonary hypertension.

We have established first private, state of the art breathing laboratory, Australian Pulmonary Function Laboratory in Lahore where https://australianpolyclinic.com/australian-pulmonary-function-tests-laboratory-apfl/ comprehensive pulmonary function tests can be performed. The lab also has the facility to perform bronchial challenge test, skin allergy test and sleep studies.

Dr Sarwar Chaudhry https://australianpolyclinic.com/doctor/dr-g-sarwar-chaudhry-pulmonologist-in-lahore-dha has trained in Australia, and he has vast experience how to manage patients with complex lung issues and sleep disorders. He also manages the lab and reports the tests.

Australian Polyclinic,

CCA Phase 5 DHA, Lahore
0311 057 3333

Dr G Sarwar Chaudhry

MBBS (King Edward Medical College)
Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP Australia)
Fellow American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP)
Conjoint Lecturer, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Consultant Pulmonologist and Sleep Physician
Consultant General Physician

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