Skin Aeroallergen test

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Skin prick (allergy) test at Australian PFT lab, Lahore, Pakistan

Skin aeroallergen test or skin prick test is performed to check for allergy to different antigens/allergen people may inhale. A person may have allergy to different allergens which they may inhale from different sources. This test is also called skin prick test (SPT). It is commonly performed in patients who have asthma, or nose, throat or sinus allergy.

Skin aeroallergen test can be performed now at Australian polyclinic, DHA, Lahore. Patients who suffer from significant sinus or nose allergy or lung allergy/asthma should get comprehensive allergy assessment performed, to know what they may be allergic to. Not only it determines about their allergy status, it also helps them avoid those allergens in future so they can control their lung disease better.

The skin allergy test is performed by skin prick or by patch testing. Normally a small amount of allergen is applied to the skin and tiny cut is made in the skin. It causes inflammation in patients who are allergic to it. The swollen/inflamed area is measured.

Patients are tested for multiple allergens which include multiple pollens, animal hair, different molds, cockroach, dust mite and few other allergens.

The patients are advised to stop their antihistamine or any allergy medication at least seven days prior to the test and they should not have any active allergy or rash at the time of testing.

Patients tolerate this test quite well but occasional patient may get flare up or worsening of their underlying allergy and may need to use anti-allergy medication after the test.

We have established first private, state of the art breathing laboratory, Australian Pulmonary Function Laboratory in Lahore where https://australianpolyclinic.com/australian-pulmonary-function-tests-laboratory-apfl/ comprehensive pulmonary function tests can be performed. The lab also has the facility to perform bronchial challenge test, skin allergy test and sleep studies.

Dr Sarwar Chaudhry https://australianpolyclinic.com/doctor/dr-g-sarwar-chaudhry-pulmonologist-in-lahore-dha has trained in Australia, and he has vast experience how to manage patients with complex lung issues and sleep disorders. He also manages the lab and reports the tests.

Australian Polyclinic,

CCA Phase 5 DHA, Lahore
0311 057 3333

Dr G Sarwar Chaudhry

MBBS (King Edward Medical College)
Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP Australia)
Fellow American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP)
Conjoint Lecturer, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Consultant Pulmonologist and Sleep Physician
Consultant General Physician

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